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Early is a show that is very close to my heart. It was born from my desire to document and share a very tumultuous time in my life - the birth of my second child.

My son, Alby was born at 26 weeks and 3 days. He was hospitalised for 78 Days and suffered from many common ailments that extremely premature babies face. The Mother's guilt that I was suffering was only amplified by my new inability to constantly be available for my 17 month old daughter or my husband.

The stress and anxiety caused a great personal toll.

This stress did not abate when my son was discharged. We now faced constant appointments, additional illnesses, constant demands which all culminated in his diagnosis with ADHD and Autism at 5 years of age.

It examines the adaptations, medications and therapies that have combined to see him thrive.

With early, I really wanted to expose the isolation and exhaustion that result from premature birth and special needs parenting.


I also wanted to acknowledge and thank the support networks and medical staff who were so integral in my son's life. 

This exhibition culminates with Alby's eighth birthday and focuses on the brightness his future holds.

Click on the image below for access to the full catalogue below which includes artist statement's for each image.

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