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Curated by Dr Sue Davis, Wildflowering by Design is a by invitation group exhibition showing at Bundaberg Regional Gallery from November 13 2021 to January 30 2022, and at the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery in mid 2022.

I had the privilege of working with a wonderful group of artists, exploring and responding to local wildflowers.

More detail on the exhibition can be found at

I created two works for the exhibition, "Poona Wallum", and "Wallum Jewels". Here is my Artist Statement for the exhibition:

"When I was approached to participate in this project, I was attracted both to the idea of working with other artistic women and exploring a new environment. As the mother of children, one with special needs, many years have been dedicated to their growth. Whilst I have had ever-increasing opportunities to create, taking time to form friendships and explore new habitats has been rare. This exhibition has allowed me time to explore nature reserves in my area, the Vera Scarth-Johnson Reserve, Burrum Heads and Poona – places I had never been to before. In my subsequent work, I wanted to explore the idea of the initial ‘scrubbiness’ of the wallum where attention is required to reveal its beauty. My aim was to create a type of horizontal wallpaper, referencing the Broadhurst design heritage and a distance graphic presentation of the landscape. At first you take in the 60s style circular repeat pattern, but when look closer you see the detail of the drawing with pencil, then on the opposite wall, the digital animations represent what you discover when looking closer again, and see the flowering wallum jewels.

"Poona Wallum" 4m x 0.5m Acrylic and Coloured Pencil 2021

"Wallum Jewels", Digital animation 2021

Emma Thorp_ Poona_2021.jpg

UPDATE: Wildflowering Women in Design is now a touring show and will be travelling all over Queensland.

Thorp_Emma_ Wallum Wallpapers_2023.jpg

As the exhibition evolved into a travelling show, I had to adapt my work from digital timelapses into a more traditional form. I redesigned the imagery of "Wallum Jewels", to create a series of 9 digital print wallpapers mounted on ply.

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