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Fleeting Memories

Starting on January first 2022, I proposed creating a digital drawing or short animation on each day of the year.

I find that I draw or create in some form everyday and by challenging myself with this project I was attempting to form a somewhat cohesive body of work.

Given that my work is most often narrative in nature I felt that a long-term project like this would provide deeper insight into my life as an artist, mother, and special needs advocate. I hoped that this project would allow me to share who I am and my feelings and stories in a way that provides my audience with the incentive to explore their own stories.

I hope that you enjoy following along on my journey.

Click on the links below as the months go by to see the full body of work.


Part one of this project is now complete. I managed to create a work each day of 2022 and I am sure that I will cherish this collection, and it's accompanying stories forever. I learnt a lot about myself this year, my motivations and interests. I was also able to streamline my artistic practices and become more knowledgeable with my digital practice.

Thank you to everyone who has followed along with my project, your comments and support were wonderful.


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